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Larry Bissonnette

Larry Bissonnette was born in Winooski, Vermont, in 1957. A high fever at the age of two was the apparent cause of some kind damage to his nervous system. At eight he was committed to Brandon Training School (BTS), which was the state’s only institution for people with mental retardation. During his ten year confinement at BTS, Larry was diagnosed as mentally retarded, schizophrenic, clinically insane and autistic. From Brandon he was transferred to the Vermont Psychiatric Hospital at Waterbury. However, at the insistence of his sister he was soon taken out and placed in a residential program for the developmentally disabled. Bissonnette has always manifested an irrepressible creativity. He was drawing prolifically at age five. At BTS he often jimmied his way into the locked workshop to draw, paint and build through the night. Now living at home, he enjoys showing examples of his tremendous output.

Goaline Stance of Larry's Signature Obliterates Ordered Land of Slated Houses

16 x 36, Acrylic on Board 1996


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